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Evolutionize your media management!

With taico’s media management suite  — THE LIQUID BUDGET MACHINE — acting as a single-source-of-truth, to get full transparency over all your media data and improve and finally auto-optimize your future media spend across all channels to significantly increase company revenue.


It’s a real journey to evolutionize your media management from today to state-of-tomorrow …

People, Data, Processes and Tooling it all has to evolutionize together – best case – in a sound learning curve.
From the operational experience of our founder team, we have extracted an evolutionary growth path – step by step.

… but you don’t have to go the journey alone!

We provide you a solution and enable your next level of marketing efficiency – not just another tool, not the next big IT project, not another impact-less service

Evolutionize your media management along this modular path:

taico’s All-Media Cockpit

Get full transparency and control over all your media spend and impact.

taico’s Full-Impact Forecasting Machine

Allocate your budget precisely according to your targets. Use the power of machine learning & advanced modelling to know your levers and steer brand impact.

taico’s First Liquid Budget Machine

Next Dimension Efficiency — auto-optimize your budget deployment in the — across all channels.

start your evolution



Data integration of all your data from all channels – from Adform over the Google and Meta universes to Zemanta.
The process is super-fast while saving your internal capacities. Introducing taico will be a quick solution and not another IT project on your roadmap.


Processing of your raw data to key metrics to provide you comparable figures across your media mix in lean consumable reports. No more siloed view on your media channels – compare traditional and digital media performance.


Deeper understanding of your media allocation and performance as well as actionable insights through the MediaCore dashboard customized to your needs. Your basis for data-driven decisions to increase your media efficiency.

taico background process

The way we aggregate, analyse, process, and output data based on your needs

Who can benefit from taico?

First of all: Customers who want to gain marketing sovereignty, by improving transparency and decision intelligence  –  together with their service partners.

Enterprises with complex media landscape

Broad media presence and complex setup of service partners require a single point of truth and valuation for the whole ecosystem to stay in the driver seat.

Digital Player with permanent optimization and competition

Every digit counts – strong focus on (sales) performance in a competitive field and day-to-day optimization of every measure require most recent picture and decision confidence.

Companies that want and need to drive their digital majority forward

Every journey starts with a strong foundation connecting data and creating insights to enable strategies by utilizing data-treasures.

Data-Driven Companies focused on cost efficiency

Scaling of data utilization in business models requires lean architectures and processes as well as high-quality data provisioning at minimum effort to stay efficient from a commercial point of view.

Multi-Country players with centralized governance

To combine local execution excellence with central steering intelligence, real-time transparency for every stakeholder in the process is urgently needed – on one sufficient base.

Mature companies improving their data driven products

New media use cases come up with new platforms, data sources and user behavior. Stay ahead and benefit from constantly optimized advanced data utilization through permanent enrichment of profiling and data foundation.

Ready to evolutionize your media management?


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