Liquid Budget Machine
for your media invest

All Media. Entire Costs. Full Convenience.

taico creates complete transparency over all media investments, enhances flexible planning updates including automated sourcing for the next level of marketing efficiency.


All Channels


Full cost

Three modules of the taico suite

Step by step to your Liquid Budget Machine


Get to know your Media Mix!

Up-to-date transparency on all spendings, all channels, whether in-house or external sources.


Adjust your plan flexible!

AI-based, automated generation of short- & medium-term optimization for upcoming spendings into planning.


Automate your sourcing!

Responsive sourcing through one interface for all channels for auto-optimization of budget deployment.

Operating models for taico suite

Flexible way of collaboration according to your model


Empower marketing sovereignty. Create insights and optimize your media efficiency across all communication channels.

Advertisers ⋈ Agencies

Improve collaboration with a joint, actual and complete overview of status and results of all your measures.


Streamline work & communication thru lean and speeded up execution for advertising activities to leverage automation and cost efficiency.

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